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Washington State Farm Bureau

This week has been a whirlwind. I was lucky enough to travel with some of my favorite partners in crime, Danielle Rosellison, CEO of Trail Blazin' and Lara Kaminsky, Executive Director of The Cannabis Alliance. We crossed over the mountains to my old stomping ground in Wenatchee for the Washington State Farm Bureau 99th annual meeting. We started with a few farm tours...salmon, winery, and brewery. I like their style. While the lady with the blue hair got a few sideways looks from the more conservative crowd, it was such an extraordinary opportunity to have meaningful conversations with fellow farmers. I even think we could claim "Operation Changing Hearts and Minds" was a success. We did find like-kind with the folks representing solar energy as well as with the Whatcom Delegation. With the rest of the attendees, I had so many conversations about topicals for hard working hands...I think there is a real market opportunity there. I even got to reunite with a few familiar faces in Chelan County.

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