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Washington State Cannabis Commission

I have joined this effort late in the game three years ago on the periphery. I am humbled to be welcomed in to support and stan for the commission. On Friday morning emails flew when we found out we got a hearing on Saturday morning. We descended on Olympia and presented a well-coordinated message that we felt very proud of.

As of 5:30p on Tuesday (the deadline to get voted out of committee) the commission was not on the executive agenda and we were heartbroken. Then like magic, well really it was the incredible work of Al Rolston lobbyist for The Cannabis Alliance, but shortly after 5:30p a new executive agenda came out and the commission was on! Short version, the bill is out of Appropriations on time! this really truly is just the very beginning, but I'm excited to help walk this bill through the many hurdles. As always, the two ladies I am sharing the testimony seats with, Shawn DeNae and Lara Kaminsky, are incredible warriors that I am honored to know and work with.

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