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State Patrol

A few years ago, purely by happenstance, Katrina Rosteadt (then president of Central Washington Growers Association) and I met Dr. Nicholas Lovrich in a bar in Wenatchee and the rest is history. Together we partnered with WSU and Fish and Wildlife and we created the first “green lab” in the country. That evolved into training and testing for the new Druid app that measures impairment more realistically than the arbitrary .5 nanograms. The studies have grown and we involved The Cannabis Alliance in the work. A week and a half ago, Dr. Lovrich and his team presented a three-year report to State Patrol. It was a fascinating insight into the concerns for law enforcement at the highest levels. Lara Kaminsky (The Cannabis Alliance Executive Director) couldn’t help but get a little silly in a room full of law enforcement while sitting next to representatives from the governor’s office.

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