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Lobby Day Success

The Cannabis Alliance Lobby Day 2020 was a smashing success. One of the goals of lobby day is to introduce people who are unfamiliar with the legislative process to a day of lobbying. Every year I am humbled by the feedback we get from participants. No exaggeration, someone every year says it was "life changing". Now, I'm sure there is some baked-in (pun intended) hyperbole in that, but my favorite exchange ever was one business owner after a few meetings looking at me somewhat wide-eyed and he asked, "So...I can meet with my representative any time?" I recommend making an appointment, but yeah buddy. Anytime. So this year I tried a social media bit of silliness and made a series of videos documenting the day. I won't crash this post by putting them all on, but here are a couple of my favorites:

As if the videos aren't enough, here are a few pictures of the cannabis army in Olympia.

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