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Hempfest and Homegrow

Hempfest is the History and the Heart of Seattle Cannabis.  The weekend was wonderful as always and I was so pleased to support Homegrow in a coordinated effort to pass legislation this upcoming session.

WHAT CAN I DO TO SUPPORT THE HOME GROW BILLS? People are asking. We are being effective at the Capitol, we need YOU to be effective in the Community. Are those in your Cannafam even aware the Bill exist? My network doesn't reach everyone, but collectively we can reach many and make them aware. The Bills, HB 1131 and SB 5155 are identical companion bills in both halves of the legislature. They provide for 6 plants per adult up to a max of 15 per housing unit regardless of how many adults live there. Here is the link for HB 1131, the link to SB 5155 is in the comments below.… Post in your groups, message your friends, email and call those who are not on FB. Suggest they join the Homegrow Washington FB group for the most current news and conversation.

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