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Druid App

Recently the #centralwashingtongrowersassociation and #thecannabisalliance teamed up with Washington State University and the #druid app development team to help work on a sensible, accurate, and fair way to identify impairment. Thank you to all the volunteers! Thank you also to the research team, Dr. Michael Milburn, Dr. Nicholas Lovrich and Pullman City Councilman Nathan Weller! Additionally, extra gratitude to Katrina Rostedt for creating and sustaining this partnership, joining the research team as an RN, and opening her home to be used as a lab on private property. As with everything i502, the promised funding for this work has not been delivered. If you are so inclined, drop your legislator a note to let them know this is important work and deserves at least the funding it was promised. And, of course, download the druid app!

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