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A day of meetings

I only got one picture, but today was full of great meetings. As we charge toward the end of the year, it's time to shore-up bill language and get feedback from legislators on what they feel needs to be done. This upcoming session we will be working with new Speaker of the House Laurie Jinkins who was kind enough to make some time to meet and talk with me about her philosophy on how she will assess what gets a vote. I was pleased to hear she will be relying on the committee chairs to guide her decision making. I was especially pleased because my representative, Strom Peterson is the new committee Chair for Commerce and Gaming Committee. In our first meeting, we had an excellent conversation with Rep. Peterson. He seems to already be fairly knowledgeable about cannabis issues and, more importantly, he has a desire and curiosity to learn more. Somewhere in the middle of the day which spanned Tacoma, Bothell, and Edmonds we were also able to meet with Senator Derek Stanford. It's always wonderful to work with a lawmaker who already is plugged-in on cannabis issues. I am looking forward to seeing his work this session in his new role moving from the House to the Senate.

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